Oyster Cage Sponsorship



An annual investment of $350 sponsors one oyster cage, which entitles the sponsor to the following:

1) 10 oysters every month, ready to consume in whatever manner preferred. These oysters may be received monthly, quarterly or semi-annual. In fact, if a sponsor wants to buy 10 cages or more and then get all of the year’s oysters at an “event”, we will gladly provide the oysters and someone to shuck them at the event. At a “lowest cost” retail basis, the sponsor receives 120 oysters worth a minimum of $1.50 per for a benefit of $180.00.

2) On a wholesale basis, at a wholesale value of $0.50 per oyster, the tax benefit to the sponsor will be a tax charity write-off of around $300. Please consult your tax preparer on any donations. This is based on a calculation of the benefit received by PWEC less the cost of goods you are receiving. If you would prefer not to receive the 10 oysters per month, your sponsorship is fully tax-deductible and comes with the satisfaction of knowing you have enabled Phillips Wharf to continue its mission.

3) The sponsor will also be able to dictate when, where, and how the profit on each cage is spent by PWEC in the future. As previously stated, the cost of raising a cage of oysters from seed to table is $350. Assuming that we are able to sell those same oysters for a gross of $500 then there will be $150 in profit from that cage. We are giving sponsors the option of choosing to have those funds restricted to one or more of four areas;
a) Area of Greatest Need b) Oyster Restoration c) Education d) Outreach/Fishmobile.

These investment benefits allow for a sound contribution to a worthy cause while providing a good return on funds provided to PWEC. Our goal is to allow everyone with an interest in Bay Stewardship and a love of the bounty of the Bay an opportunity to assure the continuance of the good work performed by PWEC.